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Nicoló Degiorgis kertoo Hidden Islam -projektistaan seminaarissa vuonna 2016, kuva: Sofia Mänttäri  / Suomen valokuvataiteen museoPotentiality seminar

Sat 9.3.2019 from 11 to 5.30 pm

The Finnish Museum of Photography. In English and Finnish.
Free admission to the seminar.
Admission to the festival exhibitions with the museum ticket / Free admission with Museum Card.

The seminar is a forum for discussing the possibilities for action that exist when faith in solving problems through political decision-making has diminished and the boundary between parliamentary power and global economic power has become blurred. The discussion considers photographic projects that deal with potential for change and alternative ways of thinking and living. The changes might involve personal lifestyle choices, or they may be aimed at broader transformation in the structures of society or economic power. The information produced by photographs forms part of a complex network of opportunities, conditions, conventions of viewing and displaying, power, subjugation, and empathy. With their projects, the participating photographers suggest an ethical imagination that guides us to questioning the structures around us.

Partisipants: festival’s photographers, artists and makers

FILM SCreenings at Stoa

Thur 14.3. & Tue 26.3.

Discussion after the films.

Free admission.

Thur 14.3. at 2.30 pm

Liminaali & Communitas
Waste Land

Liminaali & Communitas
director: Laura Rantanen
documentary, 10 min, 2018
in Finnish, English subtitles, K12
Aalto University, ELO Film School Finland

After the sunset, a man wanders between the edges of the highways and freeways gathering edible dead animals hit by a car. Liminality & Communitas is an experimental documentary short film about the utilization of roadkill animals. The film investigates the border between life and death and the edges of the manmade world. Liminality & Communitas is a visually rich one night journey in which temporal and eternal meet.

Waste Land
director: Ulla Heikkilä
fiction, 30 min, 2016
in Finnish, English subtitles, K12
Aalto University, ELO Film School Finland

Waste Land is a tragicomic ensemble film about a bunch of kids squatting an abandoned seaside hotel. The shabby hotel offers them a life outside the society, at least momentarily. The house is not a house – it is a space for parties, love, Christmas and cleaning negotiations. But can the days of ease last when the utopia is confronted both by outside forces and by getting bored?

Tue 26.3. at 6 pm

Intentional Community: The Art of Living and The Science of Life
directors: Nick Jordan & Clara Casian
documentary, 59 min, 2017
in English, English subtitles 

Intentional Community is a documentary portrait of Braziers Park School of Integrative Social Research (Braziers), a resident community and progressive college exploring co-existence, collective work and our place in nature. Centred upon insights from current residents and members, the film interweaves scenes of daily life with the natural features, architectural characteristics and diverse cultural history of the community.

Set in the wider context of intentional communities, sustainable living, and the economics of post- capitalism, Intentional Community explores the 'sociobiological' ideas of Braziers' founders - psychiatrist Norman Glaister and educationalist Dorothy Glaister, who established the community in 1950 as a social experiment in group co-existence. Today, Braziers is the longest-running secular resident community in the UK, and hosts courses and festivals such as Supernormal.

DISCUSSION: Can photography make a difference?

Thur 28.3.2019, 6–8 pm

Oodi Library, Kuutio, 2nd floor 
In Finnish
Free admission

Discussion about photography activism (in Finnish).

Participants in the discussion:

Timo Korpi, climate journalist and video journalist
Ritva Kovalainen, artist professor 
Panu Pihkala, writer and postdoctoral researcher
Kristo Muurimaa, photographic activist

The discussion will be moderated by Sanni Seppo, photographic artist and artistic director of Festival of Political Photography.