Multidisciplinary Events


Homeless Sleep

Lullaby sound installation at the Finnish Museum of Photography 15.3-24.3.2016

Sound installation Koditon uni (Homeless Sleep) consisted of lullabies from different parts of the world. The lullabies formed a mass of sounds where listeners could recognize features of different musical cultures but also the universal need to provide safety and care for a child who falls asleep. Most of the songs were recorded in Finland and sung by musicians or music enthusiasts who had moved to Finland from different countries.

The format of the installation consisted of a “Sonic thread”, a chain of  small loudspeakers, that permitted distinguishing the individual songs and voices from the mass of sounds by approaching  each of the small loudspeakers one by one. Alternatively it was possible to listen to the chaotic mass of repeating melodies, where both rest and unrest were present.

Team: Alejandro Olarte, Outi Korhonen and 18 singers in different languages

Annette Kiener: GERMAN (Germany)
Emma Raunio: SWEDISH, ENGLISH (Finland)
Erick Dæhlin: NORWEGIAN (Norway)
Grisell Macdonel: NAHUATL (Mexico)
Liza Umarova: CHECHEN (Chechnya / Russia)
Manuel Lopez: SPANISH (Spain)
Mari Kalkun: VÕRU (South Estonia)
Marouf Majidi: PERSIAN (Iran)
Menard Mponda: SWAHILI (Tanzania)
Mirjami Ylinen: FINNISH (Finland)
Natalia Castrillón: SPANISH (Colombia)
Olesya Skorbilina: RUSSIAN (Russia)
Riham Isaac: ARABIC (Palestina)
Ruben Gonzalez: SPANISH (Argentina)
Satu Ekman: FINNISH (Finland)
Taika Ilola: FINNISH AND CARELIAN (Finland)
Tristana Ferreyra: SPANISH (Argentina)
Valisa Krairiksh: THAI (Thailand)