The Winds of

In the Nordic countries, where societies lack awareness of their colonial past and the effect it has on everyday life, the presence of people of colour is a manifestation of resistance. The lack of representation has led us, today’s PoC (Person of Color) generation, to take and create space by owning our own stories, from our own perspectives. The winds of change are blowing through the Nordic countries as we approach topics from decolonial perspectives, expressed and applied through various forms for change in society. The Winds of is an exhibition dealing with the everyday lives of people of colour, as resistance in a post-colonial society, through photography, video and sculpture.

The exhibition is curated by the duo of Nayab Ikram and Ramina Habibollah, featuring the artists Baran Caginli, Jeannette Ehlers, Uwa Iduozee and Mi Tjio.

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Text: Nayab Ikram and Ramina Habibollah

The Winds Of


Project Space, The Finnish Museum of Photography